Asystar Medical Records Solutions
serves healthcare clients across Canada and the United States with totally automated Electronic Medical Records solutions. Our complete EMR Systems are available for:


Ambulatory Care
* Physician Practices
* Correctional Institutes
* Nursing Homes 

Incorporated in 1988 as a sales agency for MedCal Data Systems in Vancouver, Asystar installed and supported MedCal COSTAR in a variety of sites ranging in size from sole practitioners to large multi-specialty clinics. A Service Bureau division was developed for physicians wanting the benefits of automated billing without owning a computer system. The Service Bureau operates still in Manitoba.

In 1995, Asystar acquired the rights to the MedCal COSTAR software, hired programmers and began to update and enhance the product. With input from our physician clients, we have developed one of the best medical record systems on the market.

In 2005 Asystar was purchased by Medical Software Systems and expanded their marketing in the United States with not only the ChartStar medical record, but the CorrecStar application for correctional institutions and the CareStar product designed for nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.

Asystar Medical Records Solutions

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