Security Module

CorrectStar security mechanisms function at several levels throughout the system.

Each user's ID Code and/or password gives them access to only those options within the system which are part of their job description. Passwords can also be applied to individual menu options as well as individual patient records.

Options can be further restricted by groups or individuals to certain days of the week and/or time ranges.

Security where users, classifications and devices are identified to the system and the appropriate controls are applied. Medical staff licensing details can be entered so those reports of whose licenses are to expire can be produced.

CorrectStar maintains a full audit trail to protect you medically and legally. Every entry is stored with the identity of who entered it on what day and time and if it was edited or errored out, that is also noted. Everytime someone looks at or prints any portion of a chart it is recorded for future reference.

Password protection options include encryption and timed expiry. Unauthorized login attempts are also logged.

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