Medication Module

CorrectStar provides comprehensive options for the entry of medications including unit dose, titrating dose, self carry, electronic Medication Administration Record (MAR), drug/drug and drug/diagnosis interactions, inventory tracking, easy repeats and other features.
Medication Renewals

Prescriptions are easily renewed. If the renewal overlaps the last prescription, the new one automatically discontinues the last prescription and starts the new one so that only entry shows up on the MAR.

The online MAR can be updated from either a network workstation, a wireless tablet taken for the Med Pass or can be downloaded to a laptop and then uploaded again after the Med Pass.
Medication Inventory

An in-house medication inventory can be maintained within CorrectStar. The User sets the re-order point for each drug and records any additions to stock. The display screen highlights when individual items reach the re-order level. Levels are reduced automatically when medications are recorded in the online MAR as having been dispensed.

You can predict your inventory levels at certain points in the future to be sure orders are placed in time.


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