Login Messages Module


When any authorized user logs into the system using their unique ID Code, they will immediately see if they have any email messages from within the Clinic or Clinic wide Bulletin Board messages that need to be reviewed. The Task Manager will show any unresolved tasks for the user as well as any that they have generated to others. Physicians will be reminded if they have Lab Results and/or Consultation Reports waiting to be reviewed.

Email messages can be sent among Users in the Clinic, with options to automatically include the current active patient's Name and Chart Number, to copy to other Users and to set a priority on the message. Mailing Groups can be user defined to allow easy messaging to all physicians or all admin staff, etc.

Bulletin Messages are sent to all users and are read when they enter the system.
Verbal Orders

Each medication order entered by a nurse as a verbal order will be available within the context of the entire encounter for the physician to review and sign off.
Lab Results

While reviewing lab results a flowchart of all results over time for those tests can be viewed with a single click.
The physician can send a task to an individual or to a group (such as all nurses) to take further action. If sent to a group, once one person marks it as Resolved, the task will automatically be removed from the other task lists of all the others.
When any of the addressees sign on, they will see that a new task has been assigned.
Comments can be added to the task during the process. It is easily flagged as resolved.

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