Administration Module

Patient Information

When you choose an active patient, information such as housing location, allergy alerts, individual MAR, CoPay information, Access Logs, Patient To Do Lists, etc are all available all the time with one mouse click

Patients can be registered directly in the CorrectStar system or the basic demographics can be transferred electronically from the Jail Management System (JMS).

Housing location can be updated easily should the JMS/IMS interface be down. The ability to review inmate patient information for persons not currently incarcerated is provided. Health Status flags (e.g. diabetic, need wheelchair) are entered at this option.


Inmate patient appointments are entered into the schedule for either specific providers or type of clinics. The appointment goes into that schedule and also into the inmate patient record so that the last, and all prospective appointments, can be reviewed when the Electronic Medical Record is viewed.

Comments such as "needs handcuffs", "gang affiliation", etc can be displayed when appointments are made. All of the appointments can be displayed either by provider, clinic or by patient. Various printouts include labels, inmate passes, and transfer sheets.

The Transfer Sheet produces all of the current medical information for the inmate, including allergies, PPD status, current medications and problems so that this can be sent to another facility such as a hospital.

CorrectStar full screen scheduling shows 7 days at a time or 7 providers, makes booking much easier to do and saves many keystrokes when booking appointments, changing them, etc.

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